Romantic Rustic Wedding

This past weekend I had the opportunity to coordinate a wedding for a Bride in Ankeny.  When sitting down at a  consultant meeting with brides, I like to find what kind of theme they want for their wedding.  You can have elegant, romantic, vintage, rustic, bohemian, etc. or you can have a combination between all those.  After throwing out some of those words at our initial meeting we decided on a romantic rustic wedding theme.  Her husband loves to hunt, and Dana wanted a romantic wedding.

I hope you enjoy this romantic rustic wedding as much as I did planning it!

One of the greatest things of this wedding was Dana wanted to give her guests mason jars with handles on it.  With this thought in mind, I knew I wanted to display them in a unique way.  She rented all the wood/unique pieces from a rental company in town.

This area was the first areas her guests saw when walking in the door.  For children 11 and under they received little goody bags instead of mason jars.  This is a great idea to make your guests feel at home and to keep the kids occupied!


I chose this armour because you could open the drawers to store the jars with being really cute.  I chose the crates because I wanted it to feel rustic, but when you add multiple pieces that are different sizes you get width and depth to areas that draw more attention.

The wooden doors were used to define the space between the dance floor/DJ and the entrance to the room.  It was a perfect rustic feel.  I loved them! 


I chose to put a crate, a little thing of peonies and candles on the armour to make it also feel romantic while being useful.  Dana chose to decorate her reception with pansies because they were her favorite flower.  It gave it that rustic feel she was going for!


How cute are these wood signs Dana made!  Dana didn't want to use chalkboard, she really liked wood better.  Which tied into her rustic feel.  I loved them!!!

I chose to use more crates and old wooden boxes on the opposite side of the armour/desk to store mason jars and the children's goody bags.  Each goody bag had a stamp of 2 deer antlers with the bride and grooms monogram on it.  I also decorated the bottom of the floor with more deer antlers.


Each mason jar had a label on it to have guests write their name. 

Once again, we used an old wooden piece she rented from a storage unit to display their cake.  The candles give it a romantic feel while the wood piece gives it a rustic feel.

The gold stand was also rented from the company.  I loved how simple the wedding cake was but how romantic and beautiful it looked.  I strategically placed the pansies on the cake as a centerpiece and to give it distinguish more levels of the cake. 

Dana wanted to use deer antlers in her centerpieces to show her new husbands personality and the different vintage vases to show her personality. 

I wanted to use old wooden boxes to tie into the wood pieces she had around the reception hall.  I layered them to give them height.  You will also notice pheasant feathers on the centerpieces, as I mentioned before Dana's husband loves to hunt.  So she wanted to incorporate the feathers into the centerpieces.

I love all the wooden chairs Dana used instead of regular ugly plastic chairs. 

The lights draped behind the bridal party were placed to give show importance.  It gave the room light and felt romantic when you walked in the door.  I also placed a crate in front of the bride and grooms table with candles and antlers.  It helped boost the romance at the table.

Do you notice the chairs in the background?  Dana rented all different types of wooden chairs from the rental facility instead of using the venues chairs.  It was a great way to let their personality shine throughout the entire reception venue.  I love the idea!!!

This was the bride and grooms table.  Dana wanted their table to be different from the bridal parties table.  She rented a wooden table and I found 2 antlers to intertwine together to show resemblance of their new marriage together.

On the rest of the bridal table I placed deer antlers and candles all down the table.  This was a perfect example of the bride and grooms personality and it was a great centerpiece to lengthen the table. 

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