Banana Bars!

This past Thursday we got 12.5 inches of snow and I had a full house with my parents and little sister. So, being snowed in I decided to make just one more Christmas dessert to bring to my grandparents this weekend. Everyone has a "famous" recipe they are known for, or their spouse loves. Mine are banana bars and chocolate cookies, Matthew always asks for them!

Christmas Goodies!

My husband LOVES dessert.  When I first met him he told me he couldn't eat a meal without a dessert.  Thank goodness I love to bake, and have a sweet tooth!  With the holiday's approaching we decided to start making our Christmas cookies/desserts last weekend.  Most of the time you can't get all your baking done within a day, you have to let things chill, let cookies cool and make sure you always have enough space.  I have spread mine out over the past week, with baking buckeyes, oreo truffles, sugar cookies, peanut blossoms, etc. and want to share a yummy and SUPER easy recipe with you-pretzel treats! 

Merry Christmas From the Burch's!

This time of year is so busy for all of us.  I started Christmas shopping early, thinking I was going to be the over achiever and be done by now....not so much.  But, it's getting closer to Christmas, our church is active and I sit here an extremely blessed woman of God.  This year has meant more than others in the past, and this Christmas will be a very special one, it's the first one as a Burch!  I am blessed by my beautiful house, my handsome husband and a great job that allows me to use my talents and teach kids about our awesome God! No matter how many Christmas' we go to, or how much we have to cram into our days, we always find time to remember our God gave the most perfect gift for each and every one of us.  No one else could ever give you a better gift and because of this I am content with my family this time of year!

Rustic Chic Bridal Shower

This past weekend I was so blessed to be able to throw a bridal shower for one of my longest friends!  We met in 5th grade and we have been best friends ever since.  I am so truly blessed to have her as a friend and can't wait to see her get married in April! 

The theme for the wedding was rustic chic with simplicity.  We didn't have a lot of room for decorations but wanted the party to feel warm and inviting.  We hosted the shower at a coffee shop in our home town.  It had a balcony with a fireplace, couches and a few tables and attached was the "conference room".  I loved the space and loved the chairs and tables were of higher quality, making it easier not to have to cover up the chairs with more decorations.  I hope you enjoy!