Vintage Chic Bridal Shower

I am so exited to finally present my first blog!  This blog has such special meaning to me because it was a bridal shower for my dearest friend.  The theme for the bridal shower was vintage chic.  We wanted it to reflect the bride's personality and it turned out perfect.  When planning a shower I am all about the small details to make it  look beautiful.  Decorations don't even have to be something you buy, we made everything we decorated with or we had it sitting at home.  I hope you enjoy the shower as much as we did! 3 weeks until the bride is a Mrs!

This was the best shower to throw and was so easy to throw it with Brooke's friend Monica.  I love planning a great party! I hope you get some great ideas from ours!

The first picture I'll post is of the beautiful bride and her bridal party (minus 1).  It was a perfect day and these ladies have beautiful hearts!  (BTW- the "bride-to-be" sign was perfect for pictures with the bride after the shower and made for great decoration before.  

Here is the "Bride-to-Be" sign from the picture above.  We placed candles above the fireplace and hung the sign with just a few pieces of tape.  This sign was made on publisher, after I cut it I punched holes in the top and strung twine through it.  It was so easy and can be used a number of times!  (I had the cardstock paper sitting at home and my mother-in-law has twine to last a lifetime.  They only thing you need is a printer and some scissors.  You can find these on Etsy for $20-$25).

This chalkboard sat right outside the front door of the house.  We didn't purchase it, one of the brides brought it.  This is a perfect way to welcome guests to your shower! 

The house we hosted the shower at was the Bride's aunts house and the layout of this house worked perfect.  It flowed perfectly into the living room and had the right amount of space for food and drinks.

This was the centerpiece for the living room, where we opened presents and played games.  I placed a gold piece of fabric over a coffee table and put black tool in the middle.  I got the old vintage single vases from my mother in law which worked out perfect for 1 single stem flower.  I also put votive candles around it to make it feel warm and welcoming in the living room. 

We used mason jars as glasses for each guest.  We wrapped the top with twine and then used cardstock paper for the name tags of each guest.  They all had straws for easy drinking and the best part was it was all free!  We got the glasses from a relative, but if you don't have any mason jars in your reach, you can buy them at any craft store or antique shop. 

We also used mason jars on the kitchen table we used for the guests to eat at.  We had larger mason jars in blue and clear.  We put twine on the top of the mason jars and then placed 2 tea lights in between each mason jar.  It's simple but still chic.  

For the food each person in the bridal party brought a dish.  We had a brunch shower so we had sandwiches, breakfast dishes and yogurt bar.  All the food was placed in my Pampered Chef platers and dishes.  They were white so they worked perfect for  shower and I wanted to make sure all the platers matched.  You can use any platters you have but matching is key!

Here is the yummy yogurt bar we had for the guests.  We used strawberries, kiwi and blueberries (they aren't pictured).  You can use any kind of fruit you want.  The more the merrier!  We had vanilla and strawberry yogurt for the guests.

I made food labels for all the food at the shower.  This is a great way to explain to everyone what they are eating without having to have a host stand next to it.  They are also cute and act as a decoration for the food as well!  The pictures don't show the light pink chevron in the back but they were super easy to make!  If you aren't able to make them or don't have time, Etsy has some great printable food labels as well. 

This jar was bought to put popsicle sticks in for date nights for the couple.  The sticks were painted gold and silver and we had each guest write a date night down for Brooke and Brad to read once they got married! It was a huge hit and is a great decoration piece for their house.

I bought this window frame for my wedding 8 months ago and it was perfect to use for the "Guess Her Age" game at the shower.  The pictures were numbered and each guest received a piece of paper to guess what age Brooke was.  This was an awesome way for people to look at pictures of Brooke growing up and to use it as a game.  I now have the window hanging in my house (it'll show up in a future blog!)

I am a huge fan adore hydrangeas!!! They are a perfect way to fill a vase and last a long time.  We placed the mason jar with flowers beside an old cheese box that held the advice cards and recipe cards for Brooke.  I found the cheese box at an antique shop and thought it was a great way to keep both things together.  You can place it out on the counter or easy access in the cupboard. 

Okay- one last picture of the Bride-to-Be and I!!! It's the season of sweater dresses and I love both of ours! :) In 3 weeks this beautiful lady will be all dressed up in white and I can't wait!

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  1. What a beautiful shower. The food and decorations turned out perfect!