DIY Mercury Candle Holders

As the holiday season approaches I continue to put the final touches on our home together.  Last year we were engaged for Christmas so we had a tree at my apartment but this year Christmas is even more special because it's our first as The Burch's!  With that being said I also love decorating!  I remember my house always feeling so homey and magical at Christmas time and I have always decorated for Christmas, even in college!  You don't need to spend a lot to decorate and most of the stuff you find in the stores you can make, with a little patience and a couple tutorials. 

As always, I have to have a theme for my decorating style, because I have to be organized that way :)  Last year I decided my theme was going to be 3 colors, silver, green and a little bit of red.  Our tree is completey green and silver ornaments with a red tree skirt, and this year I wanted to make our mantel perfect!  I found a picture I really liked and tried to mimic it.  I had 3 mercury Pottery Barn votives I am in love with and wanted to use on the mantle.  The only problem was I had these candle holders that were clear and definitely didn't match my mercury votives.  I knew if I went to the store to buy mercury candle holders my husband would not have been happy so I decided a DIY project was in order (I'm always up for a challenge)! 

I purchased a bottle of Krylon Looking Glass Paint and started my DIY Mercury candle holders. Here's a quick tip- Michael's no longer carries this paint but I did find Hobby Lobby still carried it for $12 a bottle.  

***When shopping at Hobby Lobby or Michael's don't ever go in without a coupon.  I usually pull one up on my phone before I leave.  You can get 40-50% off their website all year around.  Just go on their website and you can find a coupon for 1 item or sometimes your whole order!  Since this item was already 30% I couldn't use it, but it was still on sale!

This project costs me $8.00  I already had the candle holders and the vinegar.  All I needed was the Krylon paint. 

This is what my candle sticks looked like at the before (I got these from a relative 3 years ago as a way to help decorate my college apartment). 
This is what I was trying to match them to (Pottery Barn votives)
This is what they looked like after I sprayed them with the Krylon Paint.  Make sure you let them dry completely, I waited 30-45 minutes.  I sprayed the outside and inside of the holder.  My biggest concern was to not let the paint run on the holder.  If it runs then you notice it really easy.  If you are using something that is dark, like a wine bottle you don't need to spray the inside of it. (As you can see in the background I tested this on some wine bottles before using the candle holders.  I am going to finish the wine bottles and use them as a table decoration.) 

  1. After this I took a spray bottle and poured half with vinegar, half with water (1/4 cup a piece).
  2. I shook it up and sprayed it on the holders. It's okay to spray a lot on, you can let the remainder dry on the holder.
  3. The next part is to take a paper towel, spray just a little of you mixture on it and start tapping the glass (like you are trying to pop the bubbles). if the paint isn't coming off easily spray just a little bit of mixture on your paper towel. This is not rocket science and you can decide how much or how little you'd like to wipe away. Just make sure you "blot" more than "wipe" the areas.

 The picture below is of an old spaghetti jar I took the label off of and wanted to make into a vintage flower vase for the spring. 

Here is what the candle stick holders looked like after they were transformed and no candle in them. 
Here is what they look like with a candle in them and next to my Pottery Barn votives.  I couldn't match the color perfect but you can't even tell they are a different color when standing by the fire place.  I love the finished product and they are so much better then before!

Here is the completed mantel.  I love how it turned out and my husband loves it was a DIY project! Merry Christmas everyone!
-Believe Sign- TJMAXX ($12.00) You could make one if you wanted with wood, cardstock paper and modge podge.
- Pre-lit Garland and ornaments, on sale at Michaels right after Thanksgiving
- Personalized stockings, purchased the stockings at Kohl's on sale last year and bought the iron-on monograms at Hobby Lobby. 
-Votive holders- Pottery Barn, wedding present.