DIY Mercury Candle Holders

As the holiday season approaches I continue to put the final touches on our home together.  Last year we were engaged for Christmas so we had a tree at my apartment but this year Christmas is even more special because it's our first as The Burch's!  With that being said I also love decorating!  I remember my house always feeling so homey and magical at Christmas time and I have always decorated for Christmas, even in college!  You don't need to spend a lot to decorate and most of the stuff you find in the stores you can make, with a little patience and a couple tutorials. 

Vintage Chic Bridal Shower

I am so exited to finally present my first blog!  This blog has such special meaning to me because it was a bridal shower for my dearest friend.  The theme for the bridal shower was vintage chic.  We wanted it to reflect the bride's personality and it turned out perfect.  When planning a shower I am all about the small details to make it  look beautiful.  Decorations don't even have to be something you buy, we made everything we decorated with or we had it sitting at home.  I hope you enjoy the shower as much as we did! 3 weeks until the bride is a Mrs!