Spring Wreath

Happy Sunday All!  It's a gross icy day in Iowa but my mind is at spring.  my favorite time of the year!  It's where I see God's presence the most, in the trees blooming, the flowers breaking through the ground, my birthday and our anniversary!  To help get me through the cold weather I decided to repurpose an old wreath my grandma had.  She didn't use it anymore and wanted something fun.  I had so much fun with this and it took me a few hours to make. 

Homemade Doggy Treats!

This week we are dog sitting my sisters 3 month old golden lab....She is so precious!  Even when she's naughty she's still precious.  Deanna (my sister) made her homemade treats but I forgot one bag while I was visiting my mom, so I decided to make my own for her... She loves them so much, I even taught her a new trick with it!

Dry Nails With Pam!

I think every girl has dreaded painting their nails. Of course, you get the beautiful result and don't get me wrong, I never go out without painted nails, it's sort of an obsession (I have 20+ bottles of nail polish).  I love perfect manicured nails, but I really don't need to go to the nail salon every 2 weeks to get a shellac manicure.