Dry Nails With Pam!

I think every girl has dreaded painting their nails. Of course, you get the beautiful result and don't get me wrong, I never go out without painted nails, it's sort of an obsession (I have 20+ bottles of nail polish).  I love perfect manicured nails, but I really don't need to go to the nail salon every 2 weeks to get a shellac manicure.

If you've ever met me then you also know I have no patience.  I've tried it all, painting my nails before bed, to fall asleep with them right on top of me, watching my favorite show and not moving a muscle or trying to nap on the couch.  All of them fail and I hate waiting forever for the perfect manicure.  A few months ago I saw a picture on Pinterest that said "Pam can dry your nails instantly".  Really?  Pam?  Then Matthew got Pinterest a few weeks ago mentioned it again. So tonight I tried it! I was first going to try just my pinky nail or my thumb nail but I forgot and just sprayed my whole hand. 

 Here are the 2 polishes I used and the PAM I used.  I don't suggest using a generic brand of PAM unless all ingredients are the same.  I love using OPI nail polish, it last a little longer than most and I love the colors. 

  • I first painted my nails- 2 coats, without top coat.  After, I sprayed Pam on my nails and waited about 30 seconds... I touched my nails and BAM, THEY WERE DRY!!! 

  • I then washed them with my favorite soap and damped my hand dry with a towel... Be careful, this is not like the salon, you can't rub your hands over a towel really hard.  

  • I was so in aw of this that I tried it a second time right after, and it worked again!  I'm not exaggerating when I say this has changed my life!  I have waited probably days total for my nails to dry, and now.....30 seconds and I'm done! Here's to quick manicures forever!

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