Merry Christmas From the Burch's!

This time of year is so busy for all of us.  I started Christmas shopping early, thinking I was going to be the over achiever and be done by now....not so much.  But, it's getting closer to Christmas, our church is active and I sit here an extremely blessed woman of God.  This year has meant more than others in the past, and this Christmas will be a very special one, it's the first one as a Burch!  I am blessed by my beautiful house, my handsome husband and a great job that allows me to use my talents and teach kids about our awesome God! No matter how many Christmas' we go to, or how much we have to cram into our days, we always find time to remember our God gave the most perfect gift for each and every one of us.  No one else could ever give you a better gift and because of this I am content with my family this time of year!

We finally got our Christmas card done and thought I'd share with you the sign, our card and what we did with everything afterwards!  Enjoy!

Let's take a little trip down memory lane!  I purchase 2 of these white vintage windows from a friends mom for our wedding to put our drink menu on and to write a special thank you to our host/hostess.  I loved them so much I used them for a bridal shower for a friend (if you want to see that shower you can find it here).  I finally found the perfect place to put one of them.  We had a very bare wall in our kitchen right as you walk in from the garage and this finally found a home!

As I said before- this is our first Christmas as a married couple and we couldn't be more excited!  I wanted to make a fun and special Christmas Card but really wanted to use this "Merry Christmas" template I found online.  I bought card stock from Hobby Lobby and printed out the Merry Christmas, glued it to the twine and called it good!  If you want a "Merry Christmas" sign you can check on Etsy or get on your Publisher and whip one up!  If I had to do it over again I would make the letters block lettering so you can see the sign a little better.  We really wanted snow for our picture (it snowed the day after we took it) but for an 11 year old as our photographer we were impressed!  I found the Christmas card template online for free and pasted our picture on it, then I took it to Costco to get printed.  So much cheaper than having someone else make it for you and spending $2-3 a piece for cards (I printed 5x7 cards for $.39 a piece). 

After we were done with our Christmas sign I cut it into two pieces and attached it to the old window we have hanging in our kitchen (Matthew of course helped!).  It's a small wall and needed something small but large enough to fit the whole space.  This window was perfect!  Now, when we have guests they are greeted by a fun "Merry Christmas" instead of a blank wall. 

Once Christmas is over I plan to take this sign down and find other creative things to put on it.  All you need to do is get Sharpie markers from Hobby Lobby and you can write any greeting you'd like.  Merry Christmas from The Burch's!!! 

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